Conférence SDIA "Business Intelligence" par le Professeur Daniel E. O'Leary

7 févr. 2022
TPS A207

Business Intelligence – Building business intelligence for large scale organizations - Case Studies in Data and Big Data Technology.

"In this talk I will review a case study of a company’s use of a data warehouse, and its evolution to a big data lake in the cloud.  I will analyze the approach used to build the BI system.  Then I will also examine the move away from row and column reports to the use of business intelligence tools to gain insight from the data.  Further, we will examine some emerging sources of data for the use of intelligence and insight into emerging situations. I will illustrate these data sources using some case studies. "

Pr. Daniel E. O'Leary, Expert on artificial intelligence in business, social networking, e-business and knowledge management, University of Southern California - USA.
En mobilité à TPS, collaboration avec la Chaire SDIA (Science des Données et Intelligence Artificielle) dans le cadre du programme Fulbright.

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