Conférence Métier TPS "Director, XR hardware, Google Inc." par Bernard Kress, promo 1991.

5 Apr 2022
TPS Amphi 207

Bernard Kress, Directeur du département d’ingénierie optique de Google Labs présentera "Les lunettes de Réalité Augmentée (AR) comme passerelle principale vers le Metaverse".

Smart glasses as the main gateway to the Metaverse

Smart glasses have been with us for more than a decade now, starting with Google Glass in 2012, then morphing into more complex Mixed Reality headsets such as Hololens in 2016. Although such devices have seen strong adoption in both enterprise and defense markets, they have never really resonated with consumers. 

Today, with increased focus on new online platforms such a the Metaverse, and Metaverse grade applications and experiences in immersive spaces, new opportunities for consumer are becoming available, alongside with clear challenges in optical architectures and related technologies, for display, imaging and sensing.