Conférence SDIA, " Text Mining " par le Professeur Daniel E. O'Leary

3 Feb 2022
TPS A207

Text Mining – Using dictionaries to structure knowledge, capture concepts in text, and relate those concepts to events and other analytics.

"In this talk I will examine the use of word dictionaries to capture the extent to which text contains knowledge about particular “concepts”. We will use structure gained by using concept dictionaries to relate the relative occurrences of text in the dictionaries to different events and analytics. We will provide some examples to illustrate usage in different computing artifacts, such as continuing monitoring systems, votes from crowdsourcing systems and other artifacts."

Pr. Daniel E. O'Leary, Expert on artificial intelligence in business, social networking, e-business and knowledge management, University of Southern California - USA.
En mobilité à TPS, collaboration avec la Chaire SDIA (Science des Données et Intelligence Artificielle) dans le cadre du programme Fulbright.