Department of Physics

The Department receives students who wish to follow the Photonics and the Physics & Modeling majors of the General Engineering degree program, each of which can be associated with a specific Master's degree with the possibility of a PhD.

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Offering a solid knowledge foundation through high-quality theoretical training (quantum mechanics, solid-state physics, radiation and image, etc.) and advanced practical work (laser construction, superconductivity, holography, OLED manufacturing, etc.), this department enables the discovery of the Physics and Photonics behind the innovation and the understanding of phenomena ranging from the macroscopic to the nanometric scale.

The Department of Physics includes two specialization tracks in the third year:


Physics and Modeling

These tracks depend on the majors of the second year and each can be associated with a specific Master's degree with the possibility of a PhD.


The Engineering students of the Photonics track already master the techniques of emission, propagation and detection of light, particularly laser light. They develop further skills in CAD and signal analysis, thus enabling them to design and characterize photonic systems.

Physics and Modeling

The aim of this major is to train Engineers in the broad field of Physics, on the one hand, and in the simulation tools required for multiphysics modeling, on the other hand. It provides additional skills to the General Engineering degree program through high-level research-based training provided by research institutes in Strasbourg.

This option offers a specialization in one of the five fields of Physics covered in the Master's degree:

  • Subatomic and Astroparticle Physics
  • Physics of Radiation, Detection, Instrumentation and Imaging
  • Condensed Matter Physics and Nanotechnology
  • Cellular Biophysics
  • Astrophysics


Both tracks lead to R&D careers and fundamental research.

Research organizations: CNRS, CEA, CHU, ESO, ONERA, CNES, CERN

Intellectual Property Office: European Patent Office

Companies: Areva, Thalès, Radiall, Carl Zeiss, EADS, GE Healthcare, SAGEM (SAFRAN Group), STMicroelectronics, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Daimler AG, Optis, C2 Diagnostics, OCE–Industrie, Edmund Optics Ltd, Corning Japan, Essilor, Keopsys, Heptagon OY, Alcatel-Lucent, IWKA, Dalim Software, etc.