A search for excellence, training in and through research

Settled in areas favouring applied research, innovation and technology transfer, the training provided at Télécom Physique Strasbourg (TPS) is supported by excellence research institutes of the University of Strasbourg and of the National Center for Scientific Research, and more particularly the Engineering Science, Computer Science and Imaging research institute, ICube.

Research institutes, services and technology transfer centres for back-to-back technologies

The research themes involved are part of the stragegy of the Alsace-labelled "Therapeutic Innovations" and "Vehicle of the Future" national excellence clusters, whose main purpose is to support our leading industries by strengthening the links between research, high-level training and the economic environment, which is at the heart of our consideration.

As a major research force on the Strasbourg Campus with more than 600 members, ICube brings equally together two scientific communities at the intersection of the digital and the physical spheres. Allied by the field of imaging, ICube's main fields of application are sustainable development as well as engineering for healthcare and environment.

Research partnership within the Carnot "Telecom and Digital Society"

The Instituts Carnot network, created in 2006 by the French public authorities, brings together the highest international level research structures, whose mission is to serve business innovation through their skills and research results. 

Associated with the Institut Mines-Télécom, our School is one of the 8 components of the Carnot "Telecom and Digital Society", which aims to develop digital technologies and their applications for society.

Integrated solutions based on strong disciplinary skills

  • In basic technologies: networks, computing, digital communications, electronics and components, microwave, optics, applied mathematics, security, cognitive sciences, image and signal, control theory and robotics
  • In the following fields: society, uses and design; management and organization; economics; laws and regulations
  • For state-of-the-art equipment and platforms

Sectors of our application solutions

  • Networks and Internet of Things
  • Media of the future and digital content, publishing press
  • Communication services for citizens and society
  • Usage and digital life
  • Communication and organizations
  • Global security
  • Health and autonomy
  • Mobility, sustainable cities and transport
  • Environment 

Our territorial location is linked to the main structures for the coordination of R&D and local economic development in Alsace: the SATT Connectus and the "Alsace Biovalley" excellence cluster.