Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I apply with a High School Certificate?

No, our Engineering degrees are available to candidates who have completed 2 years of studies, either through a scientific preparatory program (Classe Préparatoire aux Grandes Ecoles in France) with a highly competitive national examination (CCINP or IMT in France), or based on French or foreign diplomas.

The Master's degree is available for candidates with an Undergraduate degree.


What is the duration of the studies?

The Engineering degree is based on a 3-year curriculum and the Master’s degree is based on a 2-year curriculum.


What are the entry requirements? When to apply?

Caution! For international candidates from one of the 46 countries covered by Campus France and residing in one of these countries, you must apply via Campus France.

Please find details on how and when to apply to:

What are the application fees for the Engineering degree ?

One academic year costs around €601 in application fees (2021-2022 fees).


How to arrange student healthcare cover?

Arrangement of compulsory health insurance is managed directly by the French social security system. Please find the necessary details on the website of the social security system.


If I have passed the CCINP or Concours Mines-Télécom, or if I am admitted based on application, do I need to enroll before the start of the academic year?

There is no further administrative procedure or enrollment before the start of the academic year. The meeting for first-year Engineering students will be held in early September 2019 in Amphitheatre A207.


When should new students enroll?

The enrollment procedure is carried out during the 2nd week of September. Necessary information will be communicated at the first meeting held at the beginning of the academic year.

Is it possible to combine courses from different Engineering degrees?

Since admission is based on specific and selective exams, links between degrees are not possible.


Can I enroll through Campus France?

Please note that even if TPS appears on the Campus France website, the only valid admission procedure is the one available on the School's website during the application period. If you apply only through Campus France, your application will not be processed.

How do I obtain my degree?

Please follow the procedure.